Residency Requirement

Residency Requirement

One of the most important elements to participate in the competition is to reside in one of the participating countries of the competition. We have 12 countries with a limited number of places; therefore, each candidate must prove his or her residence in one of the countries organizing the competition. Being a national of a country should not be confused with being a resident of that country as it is the latter criterion that is considered. It is mandatory to attach to your file proof of your current residence in the country where you want to participate in the competition.

Example 1: You are an American citizen residing in France (for at least 2 years)

You cannot compete in the United States because you do not reside in the United States. However, you may apply in France if you have been a regular resident of France for at least two years.

Example 2: You are a Canadian residing in Morocco

Unfortunately, you cannot compete in the competition held in Canada as you do not reside in Canada on a regular basis, and Morocco is not a participating country of the competition.

Example 3: You are a Columbian living in Norway

Unfortunately, you cannot participate in the competition as neither country fits the criteria of participation eligibility with respect of residency requirements.

The following documents are required to authenticate your residency:

1 - An electricity or gas bill with your name on it

2 - A certificate or statement from an energy supplier attesting that your contract has been in effect for at least 2 (two) years.

3 - Driver License showing your full name

4 - Residence permit or residence card (if you are not a national of the country of registration)

5 - Telephone bill in your name