Participants enter the competition with the full knowledge that only the most gifted and the most creative ones will go on to the final phases, and those the jury did not select or did not have sufficient votes will remain as non-finalists, those are the rules of a competition, not everyone gets to step on the winner’s podium. Nevertheless, we, at Best Designer Contest, believe that those who will not go beyond the selection process deserve a fair share at the spotlight. Therefore, all non-finalists will not be left unchallenged, they will be offered support and assistance to achieve their dream in a different way.

The program has designed procedures, with which non-finalists can access fame and recognition, despite their lack of votes to be finalists. Yes, it is true that being featured on the competition site and over 1320 social media platforms (FB, Tweeter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn) in cooperation with 10 different fashion websites in 12 participating countries cannot be compared to being given access to e-commerce sites on which to sell your products, but you can always achieve your dream by starting there. Being a non-finalist in 2022 does not mean that would be the case in 2023 or the next, you just must have determination and resilience, and the spirit of a fighter. Besides, joining our network of online fashion designers can only enhance your chances of succeeding next time, can only do you good by exploring so many markets, which were not available to you before, it is win-win situation!

Final Phases (Quarter, Semi-finals, and Grand Final)

The final phases begin with the Quarter finals, which are challenges that the staff on site will ask you to perform to progress in the competition. These challenges will be based on your knowledge in the field of fashion such as:

  • Producing a half season collection for a woman, a man, and a child within the premises where you will be received;

  • You will have the choice to produce this half collection for a woman, man, or child;

  • You will have a period of two weeks to produce this half-collection;

  • It is at the end of these two weeks that your online votes will be counted, then have your collection be presented to a jury a jury.

  • The final votes, including the jury, will place you at a level within your group.

The same process will be repeated for the semi finals and the grand finale. Challenges will become harder and harder with each step of the process, and it will be up to your achievements whether you progress to the next step or not. The public votes will help your victory at each step as those would increase tremendously your chances, even if you did poorly with the jury. At the end, only accumulated points will get you there.

Please note that all finalists will be provided the appropriate tools and equipment to produce their creations, as per the competition’s guidelines and safety rules and regulations. Some of the tools that will be made available to participants are:

1. A CAD (Computer Aided design) computer to help you with your designs.

2. Sewing equipment (sewing machines)

3. Sewing materials (sheets of paper)

4. Professionals in pattern making to help you in the process

5. Human models to try on your creations

6. Photographers to immortalize your unforgettable moments.

If you prefer to work with personal tools such as scissors, tape measure, magnifying glass, seam ripper, pencil, you are free to do so. Nonetheless, these items will be available to all participants who wish to use them.