Competition Entry Fees:

  • The registration fees are estimated at US$400.00 (currency subject to change based on country). This amount corresponds to the cost of participating in the competition. However, the company has elected to subsidize all participants’ registration fees by 50%, which reduces it to US$200.00 due to Covid-19 overall impact on professionals working in the industry.

  • The membership fee to our e-commerce network sites is also subsidized by the parent company (that subsidy is valued at US$1,200.00 for three months/ one quarter).

  • If your file is incomplete, and you have not validated your documents, you do not need to pay the registration fees, your file will be deleted.

  • If you your file has been uploaded but has not received our final validation for any reason, after a participant number has been assigned, while having a personal account status validated, your registration fees will be refunded.

  • Any discrepancies discovered before the selection phases (in relation to your portfolio or the documents provided), your registration fee will not be reimbursed.

Note: We remind you once again that your administrative documents and identity papers will be checked by a competent company once they have been uploaded on our site. In addition, please send us your best samples of your collection/portfolio, so that we can appropriately represent you on our social media networks, our advertisements, and our competition site prior to your appearance before the jurors. Portfolio/ work of art/ samples which you provided with your complete registration file will be used by the panel of judges to assign you points, and those will also be the same which our sites feature to attract visitors and fans to vote on your behalf.

Refund Policy, Lunch & Dinner

1) The conditions of refunds concern only members of the e-commerce site (non-finalists who have joined the e-commerce of fashion designers’ network: This refund policy is based on the fact that our support system begins the minute a participant has made the decision to book and register for our competition. This is not just a competition for fashion designers to win a Prize, but a large-scale project implemented to facilitate fashion designers to explore independence and make their own brands known on different markets around the world.

2) Hotel Accommodations: All participants residing more than 100 km from the premises during the semi-finals and the grand finale, or are asked to appear before the jury on the following day the production of their collection ended, will have their hotel accommodations paid for by the company organising the competition (in particular those who must appear before the jury between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm).

3) Lunch & Dinner: All participants who are called to appear before the jury for any given day or are in our premises to complete the production of their collection during the semi-finals and grand finale will have their lunch subsidized up to US$7 for lunch and US$10 for dinner, as long as they choose to use the restaurant facilities made available to them on the competition premises.

4) Transport costs: Candidates who have not been selected to participate in the final phases will receive a flat-rate reimbursement of their return transport costs up to US$25.00. This amount can cover the following things: toll tickets (if you come by car), transport tickets (train, bus, tram...). Your expense receipts must be sent within 30 days for reimbursement of your expenses. The same principle will apply to the finalists (quarter, semi-finals, and the Grand Finale). Participants for the semi-finals and the grand finale who do not qualify for hotel accommodations, will have their transportation costs covered.