This competition aims to highlight the talents of the fashion world and, through the selection and final phases, to find the rare pearl that will have the most talent to win the Grand Final.

With PCJ Holding, Best Designer Contest subsidizes the competition entry by 50%. The registration fee is therefore $200.00 instead of $400.00 (applicable country currency).

The first edition of the Best Designer Contest is taking place in 12 countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Yes, Best Designer Competition is planning to increase the list of organizing countries for the 2023 edition. The list of countries will be unveiled in early 2022.

Each country has a fixed maximum number of candidates:

- 1,000 participants: Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland

- 2,500 participants: Argentina, Canada, France, Spain, United Kingdom

- 5,000 participants: Brazil, United States of America, Mexico

The Grand Winner of our competition will win a Prize of $100,000.00 (applicable country currency) and a contract in an international fashion house of our group (in the amount of $150,000.00 per year (applicable country currency).

Participants who have not been named ‘Finalists’, whatever their progress in the competition and whatever their result, will be offered support towards our e-commerce network. They will integrate our e-commerce network where they will be able to sell their beautiful creations and will thus be able to benefit from advertising campaigns and other advantages linked to their e-commerce contract. In view of the international health crisis, the company has also subsidized the subscription fees to our e-commerce site network for a period of one quarter or three (3) months, a value of $1,200.00 (Applicable country currency)

If we are still confronted with a global health crisis such as Covid-19 a year from now or even 3 months from the beginning of the competition, we will have no other choice but to postpone it again as we don’t want to condone the gathering of hundreds of people at the same place, considering what we have seen thus far regarding this virus. Hopefully, Covid-19 will have been a thing of the past and the world will have discovered a vaccine against this life-threatening pandemic.

If a candidate is caught or found guilty of cheating (including falsification), he/she will be immediately excluded from the competition and will be permanently banned from submitting his/her candidacy for any competition, regardless of the country of entry.

Best Designer Competition is the competition where designers must reveal themselves through their own exploits, not by taking advantage of the work of others. We will not tolerate cheating.


Apart from the conditions of participation already specified, there are no conditions (diploma, experience...) to take part in the competition. The only particular condition is to have been a regular resident for at least two years in the country of registration.

The jury is composed of 4 men and 4 women from the fashion world but also from the company organizing the competition. It will be chaired alternately by a man or a woman (the order is not yet defined).


You must be a permanent resident of the country of the competition to be able to participate and for the country to be one of those hosting the competition. As Morocco is not currently hosting the competition and you are not a permanent resident of the United Kingdom, it is not possible for you to participate in the competition.


The competition will be postponed to a later date. The competition can only be organized face-to-face, i.e. candidates must be physically present to complete the competition tests.


The registration fees are valid for the edition for which you have registered, they will also be valid in case of cancellation or postponement of the competition due to any health crisis. Candidates can also request a reimbursement of their registration fees.


If you have not been selected during the selection process, you will not be prohibited to re-apply for the next edition. Moreover, when you register for the first time and have not been selected, if you decide to resubmit your candidacy for the next year’s edition of the competition, your registration fees will be waived.