The Best Designer Contest is open to all candidates with the knowledge and expertise to mesmerize the public with their creations. No candidate will be judged other than by his or her ability to compete with other fashion designers or people with extraordinary talents in couture. No one shall be judged based on religion, sexual orientation, living situation, nationality, gender, race, or country of origin. All candidates will be treated equally, only their performance and knowledge are important to us.

To do this, we need to establish eligibility criteria, so that all those who participate can be treated at the same level. Our conditions are as follow :

  • Be a professional fashion designer or a person who can demonstrate great ability in modern couture.

  • Have a portfolio identified with one of the four seasons (fall, winter, spring, summer).

  • Be able to provide his/her portfolio in digital format so that it can be posted on the site.

  • Be a Citizen or current resident of any city in a participating country. If a person is living in a non-participating country but is a citizen of a participating country, that person is not eligible as his/her current residence is not in a participating country. Residency status must be at least 2 years.

  • The participant will also be required to fill out a certificate to "certify" that the portfolio (including its production) is a personal production.

  • The participant will provide a statement confirming the veracity as to all the required documents to validate the participation.

  • The participant will give the company organizing the competition the right to publish its portfolio online, so that Internet users and visitors can vote during the process.

  • The participant will pay his/her registration fee in the amount of US$200 (original registration fee was USD$400 but is subsidized in half by PCJ Holding, thus paving the way for all participants to pay US$200.00). This amount covers the cost of participation in the competition, membership for a period of three months to our 5 e-commerce sites is also offered. Membership period valued at US$1,200).

  • The participant will validate the e-mail address with which he/she registered on the site.

Special criteria

  • Any participant in the competition who has falsified his or her portfolio or any other document provided to validate participation in the competition (or who has committed any other form of cheating) will be immediately excluded from the competition (even if selected for the final), and will not be able to participate in any future competition organized by this entity.

Validation of participation

  • Once the examination of all supporting documents provided by the participant is completed, he/she will be informed of the acceptance or rejection of his/her application via email. A participant whose application has been rejected is not considered a non-finalist.