The first edition of our competition (in 2022) that we are organizing in 12 countries is an unprecedented event, both in terms of the number of participating countries and the opportunities offered to each of the participants. Each participating country will have the opportunity to nominate the candidates who will advance to the final stages of the competition, one of these finalists one will have the opportunity to win the "Winner's Prize".

Over the years we have seen quite a few televised competitions, organized international competitions that have not held up because they have not been able to adapt to the market, which may seem logical because the industry is in perpetual renewal.

What makes our competition unique and an event that will stand the test of time is the fact that we support and provide extensive assistance to all participants during and after the competition, whether they are finalists or not. No matter the level of education, knowledge, or ambition of a person working in the industry... One thing is certain, everyone wants to see their skills valued and recognized, which we do regardless of a participant's progress within the competition.

Yes it's true, a participant's ambition is to be known on our social media networks (more than 1320 pages), to be seen on our 5 e-commerce websites and our 5 exclusive brand websites... not to mention the Winner's Prize (worth US$100,000.00) and an annual contract with an international fashion house. This is not comparable to our support offered to all participants to sell their products on our e-commerce sites; nevertheless, it is a starting point to offer you opportunities to access international markets.

Not having been selected for one of the final phases in 2021 does not mean that it will be the case for the next edition. What we are looking for in each participant is determination and resilience, the warrior spirit. In addition, joining our network of fashion designers can only increase your chances of success in your passion.

We do not organize this competition by putting forward big names from the fashion world, ignoring the hidden faces. On the contrary, we are organizing this competition to highlight the skills and assets of everyone in the world of couture.