To participate in our Best Designer Contest Edition 2022 competition, it is necessary that you provide us with administrative documents that confirm your identity. These documents can be uploaded to your personal space within 10 working days; you can provide them at any time, after your registration. Your file cannot be validated without first downloading these necessary documents. In the same spirit of maintaining fairness to all participants and giving them the same opportunity, all documents provided will be verified and authenticated by a third-party entity.

Documents that you need to provide:

  • A photo representing your personality (5x7 Personal Picture)

  • Copy of both sides of an identity document (identity card, passport, driver's license). For countries without an identity card, your voting card along with a copy of your driver’s licence will be sufficient.

  • Your registration portfolio to enter the competition (a digital version of your portfolio must be provided for us to determine your competitive level. All materials (pictures, videos, samples ect.. provided will be returned to you to you at the end of the selection process).

  • Proof of address (electricity, telephone, insurance).

  • Copy of the Diploma or Certificate of Achievement in the field of the competition (participants who have obtained these certificates or diplomas from a country that does not speak one of the languages of the participating countries, it will be necessary to provide an official translation of the diplomas or certificates provided.