In Summary

Best Designer Contest (BDC) is a worldwide competition in which each participating country (12 countries for this first edition 2022) will be represented by fashion designers of all levels. The person who proves to be the best fashion designer wins a bonus of US$100,000 and an employment contract with our fashion house for an annual salary of US$100,000.

This competition is unprecedented in terms of the facilities available to participants, the dollar amount of the Prize, the employment contract with an international fashion house, but also the automatic support offered to those who were not selected as finalists. There are currently no other programs available in the fashion industry that such services to non-finalist. The reason why we decided to support our non-finalists is that we believe in the potential and creativity of these women and men, who for so long have been shadowed stars, professionals living in anonymity, while using what is most dear to them: their talent.

With our support, fashion designers, professionals from the world of couture, who have not been able to access the national and international market, because they did not have the necessary cash flow to afford a marketing and communication/web marketing campaign, as well as a tailor-made representation at the global level, can now offer themselves that kind of platform, while benefiting from an outstanding visibility.

This competition was not designed for those who just want to win a Prize, although it is not prohibited by the company organizing the competition. This contest, rather, is aimed at fashion designers who want to go beyond challenges and a Prize. This idea was created for those who want to explore the national and international market using their talents to develop, produce and sell their work to anyone who admires them. The visibility we offer fashion designers will undoubtedly contribute to everything they have always wanted to achieve.

Reminder of the key elements of this competition

Eligibility criteria:
  • Be a professional fashion designer or a person who can demonstrate great ability in modern couture.

  • Have a portfolio identified with one of the four seasons (fall, winter, spring, summer).

  • Be able to provide his/her portfolio in digital format so that it can be posted on the site.

  • Be a Citizen or current resident of any city in a participating country. If a person is living in a non-participating country but is a citizen of a participating country, that person is not eligible as his/her current residence is not in a participating country. Résidence statuts must be at least 2 years.

  • The participant will also be required to fill out a certificate to "certify" that the portfolio (including its production) is a personal production.

  • The participant will provide a statement confirming the veracity as to all the required documents to validate the participation.

  • The participant will give the company organizing the competition the right to publish its portfolio online, so that Internet users and visitors can vote during the process.

  • The participant will pay his/her registration fee in the amount of US$200 (original registration fee was US$400 but is subsidized in half by PCJ Holding, thus paving the way for all participants to pay US$200.00). This amount covers the cost of participation in the competition, membership for a period of three months to our 5 e-commerce sites is also offered. Membership period valued at US$1,200).

Individualized Support and Assistance:

All non-finalists are fully supported in their efforts to increase their visibility:

  • Non-Finalist can take advantage of a worldwide marketing-communication & web marketing campaign (including 1320 social media network platforms in 22 countries)

  • Non-Finalists can benefit from reduced prices on textiles and accessories from our partners

  • Non-Finalists can use available premises and commercial space to produce their creations. These centers come with CAD computers, sewing staff, models to try on samples, photographers to take photos of their creations, etc. ...).

  • All participants get a grant reducing their registration fee to US$200.00, as opposed to US$400.00.

  • The winner will win a Prize of US$100,000 and a contract with our international fashion house for an annual salary of US$100,000.

  • Candidates who have not been selected to participate in the final phases will receive a flat-rate reimbursement of their return (transport) costs up to US$25.00 This amount can cover the following things: toll tickets (if you come by car), transport tickets (train, bus, tram...). Your expense receipts must be sent within 30 days for reimbursement of your expenses.

  • Finalists during quarters, semi-finals and the Grand Final), will be reimbursed their transportation expenses during their production period and jury phases up to US$50.00 per phase ( selections phase, quarter, semi-finals and final), i.e. a maximum of 100 euros per candidate for all phases of the competition.

  • Any participant living more than 100 km from the premises of the selections sites and final phases (quarter, half and Grand Final) and/or who is summoned to appear before the jury on the day following the production of their collection or creations will have their accommodation taken care of by the company.

  • Lunch and dinner meals are subsidized by the company.

  • Applicants need to pay half of their Lunch and dinner bill

  • Subsidy applies only with restaurants set up for the event, any facility located outside of perimeter will not be considered.


There are three (3) categories of votes, to which fashion designers are entitled:

  • Internet users’ votes ;

  • Votes from other fashion designers in the competition.

  • Jury votes.

Fashion Designers in the competition will be asked to vote for another at a specific time of the competition; however, are not obligated to do so. Anybody, outside of the competition, wishing to register a vote for his or her favorite fashion designer, will need to register on our site to vote. This procedure is necessary so that we can alert your fans of all upcoming voting periods.